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shape your brain and go beyond all your limits

The MirrorTrainingMethod is a new revolutionary psychological method to shape your brain and become a winner in every moment

Advanced Sports psychology  

This Revolutionary Method, based on the most advanced studies on the brain and human performance, allows the Client and the Mirror Trainer to work in front of a large mirror with several specific unique techniques to re-wire the brain of the Professional Athlete and make it the brain of a winner...


We use "the rules" of the brain functioning in order to set free all your full potential 

Tennis, Tennis Player

become more than just a professional!

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the very best in every sport 

learn how to always be deeply focused


what do some professional Athletes say about

the mirror training method? 

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Jean Spiece

Tokyo, Jean will be there

“I have been working with Alessandro and his mirror therapy for a while now. This has been a really exciting process. The program has helped me in my personal life as well as in my sporting environment. I feel that the program has worked well for me as it is interactive and engaging. I have seen great progress in short periods of time, as well as greater consistency for myself as a person. As an athlete this process has been exciting as it is now part of my training routine, thus making more consistent progress within the process of my mental state in training and during competition. Because of this the process overflows into my day to day life, giving me a more control and a clearer state of mind. Working with Alessandro as a person has been a great experience. He is truly invested in his program as well as myself as a well rounded person. I do feel that he truly wants the best for his clients and those around him. “ Jean Spies


I feel as though Alessandro’s work with me although we haven’t had many sessions has had a huge impact on the way I approach my training and Enhance my performance. I am able to really center my focus and motivate myself and believe fully I can achieve what I am doing and beyond. Alessandro has helped me understand things I most likely would not have before and has had a beyond the positive impact on the way I perform!

 Rapresentative GB

More about us

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Leonardo, Football

I have become able to fight as I never did before


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Michael, Basketball

My problem was that, in the crucial moment of the game, I tended to loose my concentration and was not able to make a difference. The mirror training method changed everything. Now, I am considered one of the best players in the world

United States of America

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Martha, Tennis

Simply amazing.

My problem was the anger and the self criticism.

Now I am a different person: I am able to loose, and this allows me to win!

United States of America

participate in the First Certificate

"sport professional psychological path"

Are You an Athlete?You can participate in the "First Certificate in Sport Professional Psychological Path

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