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the revolutionary

mirror training method

Over the last 30 years, the studies and research on the brain and its functioning have shown that so much of what we knew before about what was wrong.

Our brain has an incredible capacity for creating new connections between neurons and new neuronal paths.

Every new research study and discovery in this field has had an incredible impact on how we think, plan and train our clients in several different sports.













Alessandro Carmelita is a Psychologist and Psychotherapist.

He was a semi-professional volleyball player and coach for many years. He also has practiced for many years at an advanced level Krav Maga, the Israelian discipline that integrates several martial arts, used by the Israelian Army to combat.

As a Psychologist, he has worked with hundreds of clients and collaborated with many professional players. 

Over the last five years, thanks to his vast experience, he has developed, together with Marina Cirio, a new revolutionary therapy the Mindful Interbeing Mirror Therapy for the most severe psychological and emotional disturbs and in combination with all his knowledge of sports and trainings he has adjusted this therapy to become a method to create new patterns of effective neuronal connections that can change performances of any professional player and help clients going from failure to success. 

This method is based on the most advanced research in the field and it is totally innovative.


"I have started working with professionals in the Athletic field. One professional had a problem of Anorexia and I helped her to recover from that. After the anorexia was not the problem anymore the Athlete told me to help her with her performance and with how she was relating to her professional life. That was a completely different journey we did together. After that, I helped a Volleyball Player he was in the National Team of Beach Volley at that time and we had really to work on many different aspects of his performance." "At that moment the Mirror Training Method was only a dream. I discovered how to work in front of the mirror with professional athletes only after I had developed a new approach to work with patients called Mindful Interbeing Mirror Therapy. When I developed this new Psychotherapy I immediately modified the techniques and the strategies to work in the sports field. The results have been amazing in every sense for dozens of professional athletes

Alessandro Carmelita Sport Psychology
Mirror Training Method - Advanced Sport Psychology
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