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We usually assess the player






during the sessions

the professional player will fill some questionnaires, have assessment sessions in front of the Mirror, do imagery practices of assessment



During the training:

Some training will be checked in respect of the privacy policy



During the competition:

during the competition, the Professional Athlete will be assessed through some checking lists and statistical observations 






We will create a psychological profile of the professional player and we will work on the resources and strengths of the player.


We will also work on all the aspects that are putting obstacles in performing at the best levels.


Our method is totally innovative and works in accordance with the most advanced knowledge of brain functioning in relation to sports performance.



Mind and Body of the Professional Athlete
All the work will be done in front of the Mirror using all the innovative techniques developed by Alessandro Carmelita, the creator of the Mirror Training Method.
Key Words:
Sport Psychology
Sport Psychologist
Psychology for professional athletes
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