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If you have suffered an injury, you have probably started a therapeutic programme to recover from its consequences. Thanks to the clinical tests that have been conducted over the past years, Mirror Training Method has proved to be a highly effective approach: not only can it maximise your attention abilities, reactivity, physical strength, as well as the effectiveness of your technical movements, especially when the game gets tough; it can also improve your emotional resilience, that is the ability to adapt and overcome any difficult events, both on a professional and personal level.


Working with a Mental Trainer in front of a mirror, while your body is recovering from the injury, offers several benefits: it allows you to train your mind effectively and, at the same time, it makes the recovery faster and improves your performance level from the very moment you start practising sports again. In addition, it prevents you from having to spend much time readjusting your physical performance after you come back to workout sessions and competitions. 



Many scientific studies have shown that specific forms of mind training can not only strengthen the neural circuitry that are activated by physical and competitive performances, but also have a significant impact on the muscle tone and reactivity. Furthermore, Mirror Training Method allows to keep on strengthening both cognitive and emotional abilities, as well as to increase the attention level, even without involving any physical workout.


Please contact us to get further information about Mirror Training Method and have the chance to benefit from this innovative technique. Thanks to this specific form of mental training in front of a mirror, you can transform your recovery from an injury into an opportunity to boost both your mental and physical performance.



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