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Academy: a dream that could die

by Alessandro Carmelita




In the last years getting in an Academy has been the dream of thousands of young players who wanted to become a professional football player.


It is so hard to be able to reach that goal before having the possibility to be in trial. A Lot of time wasted following the wrong paths. 


Then one day, after thousands of hours one player is chosen by an Academy and the dream becomes real. 


But nothing is forever except you, my dear player. 


You will last forever. When I say "forever" I mean forever in your life.


But your life is not forever. Your life is always changing till it will be something else.


The Academy, in this part of your life, could be a fantastic opportunity or it could be a nightmare.


It will be a nightmare if you will let the idea of playing in an Academy to be the goal of your life.


Playing in an Academy is not the goal of anyone's life. Otherwise, at the moment you would be released by an Academy, you could think your life is ending, but it's not.


It is just one of the infinite possibilities and tools to reach the real goal of your life. You don't know yet what the real purpose of your life is. 


And everything made you think that football is the goal of your life. But this is not real; this is just an idea. 


Every step you take is changing you if you allowed yourself to learn.


What you are learning in everything you do is something that is preparing you to something else. 


Every moment in the Academy, you learn skills. You learn strategies, you become fitted, but what you are learning is the quality of your presence in your life. 


What you are learning is a way of living, of being, not a specific skill. This attitude you are learning must be a servant in your life, and you can use that to deal with everything. 


So the dream of being a professional player: This is a great dream, and you need to know that to reach a great vision, you need to work always harder. 


So in football as in your life.


Focus on the positive. 


Don't be stuck in the negative. 


Don't play in competition with someone else. Just play to be who you are, to do what you love. 


I know you want to succeed but focus on yourself, not on the others. 


Have fun and be curious to try. You don't make mistakes. You learn. 


Don't judge yourself or the others. 


Don't take everything personally. 


Be hungry for being better in what you do. 


That passion is yours not of the Academy.


That passion is an incredible energy that for now, you direct to the football but tomorrow you could use for everything in your life. 


Use the Academy to strength your passion for life, not for football.


Be your passion.


Don't forget it!

















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